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Disability Employment


As Australia moves toward the National Disability Insurance Scheme, FWS is working productively in support of the National Disability Strategy Vision to have an inclusive Australia Society that enables people with disability to fulfill their potential as equal citizens.

People with disability are often characterised by a high degree of dedication and commitment to their role and Employers can access valuable employees who are reliable, skilled and have a great attitude and desire to work.

Support to Employers to make accommodating workers with disability in the workplace easier is available from:
Employment Assistance Fund – modifications to the physical work environment, vehicles, adaptive technology and a wide range of information and communication devises.
Wage Subsidy Scheme
Disabled Australian Apprenticeship Wage Support (DAAWS)
Supported Wage System

FWS is experienced in supporting job seekers with disability through our own Social Enterprises and Employment Services. Our staff will assist businesses to put in place practices that support new employees in the workplace who are eligible. Contact us today if you would like to know more.

FWS’s concurrently delivers:
Disability Employment Services–Employment Support Services (DES- ESS)
Disability Employment Services–Disability Management Services (DES- DMS)
Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)

If you would like to determine if you are eligible for any of our current programs please contact us and we will connect you to a consultant in a location near you.

FWS is an approved provider for the delivery of services to people with Disabilities and meets the Disability Employment Services Quality Assurance System requirements through accreditation against the Disability Standards.